Who is Eskedar?

Eskedar is a young Ethiopian woman and a Lithuanian based coffee roaster. She was one of the first resettled Ethiopian refugees from Malta to Lithuania and one of the few who stayed. An enterprenuer who found her way own toconnect her root Ethiopia to her new home Lithuania.
Eskedar was born and raised in Ethiopia and her family grew their own coffee, that’s where her love for the smell and taste of coffee was ignited. Living in Europe for over thirteen years she has realized that she could contribute not only by advocating for the betterment of life in her home country, but also by taking the action of getting involved directly. She tells her own story and millions of other refugees over a coffee ceremony sheconducts, and she also tells the story of coffee farmers in Ethiopia , the impact of climate change on the livelyhood of coffee farmers, the importance of educating the farmers and why we need to do direct trade with coffee farmers through her brand ‘Eskedar Coffee“.
Eskedar Coffee is the ice breaker to have the discussion that matters; that coffee is a berry in the first place and the seeds we call beans are green, and they are not made by by conglomerates. But rather they are grown by farmers who earn just fraction of the money generated by the coffee industry.
„We, all coffee lovers, must make sure that the farmers get their fair share through sustainable and ethical business. The most valuable thing you can give a humanbeing is a recognition and knowledge through education. And what better way is there to give recognition if we don’t give back part of the profit? Let’s build something bigger than ourselves, biggest than the profit in our accounts‘.“
Thank you for being part of our world and for becoming an advocate for sustainable growth!

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