Hario Misarashi Brown Paper Filters - V60-02

Tailored to seamlessly fit our V60 drippers, these filters are crafted to ensure minimal flow restriction, elevating clarity and balance in your coffee. The 02 filters, catering to 1-4 cup brewing, are composed of 100% oxygen-bleached paper pulp for a pristine filtering experience.


Hario V60-02 Conical Paper Coffee Filters - Pack of 100

Crafted from natural, unbleached paper pulp.

Designed to fit Hario V60-02 drippers.

These filters ensure proper water flow, resulting in a clean and flavorful brew.

Manufactured in Japan.

Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
Shipping time 1-2 business days
Price: 3 EUR (free for orders over 75 EUR)

Rest of Europe
Shipping time 2-4 business days
Price: 25 EUR

Grown in Ethiopia

Roasted in Lithuania

100% Ethical