Hario V60 Brown Coffee Drip Kit - includes a dripper, server, and filters

Introducing the Hario Craft, a comprehensive pour-over coffee brewing accessory set that includes a V60-02 plastic coffee dripper, a 600 ml V60 coffee server, 40 paper filters, and coffee bean measuring tools. This all-inclusive kit is an ideal gift for both seasoned coffee enthusiasts and those embarking on their journey into alternative brewing methods. Elevate your coffee experience with the Hario Craft set, designed to cater to both advanced users and those new to the world of specialty coffee.


Dripper: The plastic dripper in this set offers durability and convenience, making it perfect for using the Hario V-60 while on the go. Constructed from food-safe plastic, it also excels in heat retention during brewing. Its conical shape and unique grooves inside ensure excellent water flow.

To brew delicious coffee, place a filter with ground coffee into the dripper and position it over the server. Gradually pour hot water into the dripper, allowing the brew to flow into the server. In just a few minutes, your coffee is ready!

Server: Crafted from Japanese glass and designed to complement the V60 series, the server has a 600 ml capacity. The handle is made of plastic for comfortable handling.

Filters: This set includes a pack of 40 white paper filters. These filters facilitate proper water flow while preserving the coffee's flavor.

Scoop: The bean scoop simplifies coffee measurement, providing options for 8, 10, and 12 grams on the scale.

All components are neatly packed in a carton box, making it a convenient and comprehensive package for coffee enthusiasts.

Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
Shipping time 1-2 business days
Price: 3 EUR (free for orders over 75 EUR)

Rest of Europe
Shipping time 2-4 business days
Price: 25 EUR

Grown in Ethiopia

Roasted in Lithuania

100% Ethical