About us

"Eskedar Coffee" is the cradle of specialty coffee and Ethiopian traditions in Lithuania. "Wake up in a better tomorrow" – with this slogan, we invite you to follow our values: community, sociability and sustainability. Eskedar, the founder and owner of this brand, relies on them in everyday life.

Eskedar Lithuania has long become the same home as Ethiopia. She cares about creating a strong bridge between Lithuania and Ethiopia through coffee. Eskedar Coffee imports high-quality Arabica coffee from Africa, namely from Ethiopia, where it was born and raised. Eskedar believes that in order to help Africa develop, it is necessary to build strong business relationships that will give impetus to real change.

In Lithuania, Eskedar roasts coffee and tries to provide opportunities to work and earn money for those around him. Eskedar Coffee closely cooperates with Lithuanian potters living in rural areas and produces cups and V-60 filters for coffee, with women raising disabled children, sews sweaters, sculpts traditional jjebena cafes, and devotes part of their profits to charities.

"It is very important for me to preserve the connection between the past and the present, between Ethiopia and Lithuania, which has become an expensive home. This is where my children were born, I founded a business here and I am surrounded by many loved ones. I feel grateful for all the opportunities and help I have received, so I seek to personally help the lesser ones myself and encourage others to follow this path. I am glad that through coffee I can stimulate discussions, raise sensitive issues, bring people from different views together, and try to find solutions. We are each responsible for our daily actions and what tomorrow we and our children will see." – Eskedar Tilahun, coffee fairy.