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The coffee has a taste of cherry, chocolate, pomegranate, and raspberry.

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GERA Farm coffee is an organic coffee grown on a small farm in Ethiopia at an altitude of 1880-280m, which is perfect for growing Arabica coffee. No chemical fertilizers or insecticides are used. The production system is based on the principles of a sustainable farming environment and improving employees' living and working conditions. All coffees on the GERA estate are grown in the shade and protected from pollution by enriching the soil with nitrogen-producing plants and natural fertilizers. The estate provides housing, education for children, clean drinking water, electricity, health care, recreation facilities, and more for the workers.

Tasking notes: Cherry, chocolate, pomegranate, raspberry

Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
Shipping time 1-2 business days
Price: 3 EUR (free for orders over 75 EUR)

Rest of Europe
Shipping time 2-4 business days
Price: 25 EUR

Grown in Ethiopia

Roasted in Lithuania

100% Ethical