A set of four different coffees. Perfect for gifting and tasting - choose the coffee that suits you best.


Embark on a specialty coffee journey with Eskedar Coffee's curated tasting set of four unique Ethiopian Arabica coffees. Dive deep into the diversity of Ethiopia's coffee culture, featuring a harmonious mix of naturally processed, washed, and fermented coffee beans. This set showcases the robust flavors of our Buna Blend, the nuanced berry elegance of Yirgacheffe, the floral undertones of Sidamo, and the exquisite craftsmanship behind Koke Honey. Ideal for enthusiasts aiming to enrich their understanding of Ethiopian coffee or for the meticulous explorers eager to savor hand-picked beans from the heart of Ethiopia.

Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
Shipping time 1-2 business days
Price: 3 EUR (free for orders over 75 EUR)

Rest of Europe
Shipping time 2-4 business days
Price: 25 EUR

Grown in Ethiopia

Roasted in Lithuania

100% Ethical