Coffee syphon Hario Technica

Meet the Hario Coffee Siphon – not your usual chemistry set but a unique device transforming coffee brewing into an impressive experience. The Technica model, a simple yet captivating invention from the 19th century, boasts exquisite craftsmanship and minimalist design, operating on basic physics principles for a visual and flavorful delight. With a 240 ml capacity and an included alcohol burner, this set elevates your coffee ritual. Explore alternatives with the Rekrow gas burner and Hario halogen heater for added convenience.


Not your average chemistry set, this is the Hario Coffee Syphon—a distinctive brewing device that adds flair to your coffee-making ritual.

Brewing coffee with this syphon might resemble a scientific experiment, and in a way, it is. However, fear not! The syphon, dating back to the early 19th century, is a surprisingly simple device. The Technica model, in particular, seamlessly blends exquisite craftsmanship, minimalist design, and remarkable functionality. Operating on basic principles of physics, the lower chamber is filled with water, heated, and then flows to the upper chamber containing ground beans. After disconnecting the heat source, your brewed coffee gracefully filters back into the lower chamber. Voila, it's ready!

Boasting a 240 ml, 360ml, and 600ml capacity, these sets come complete with an alcohol burner. Additionally, we offer alternatives such as the Rekrow gas burner and Hario halogen heater for your brewing convenience.

Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
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Price: 3 EUR (free for orders over 75 EUR)

Rest of Europe
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Price: 25 EUR

Grown in Ethiopia

Roasted in Lithuania

100% Ethical